Saturday, March 9, 2019

Poker - What is it All About?

  Poker is essentially a game of cards that has betting rules and hand rankings. Just as with most card games there are differences in rules with all games of poker such as how many cards are dealt, how to make up hands, and whether it is the highest or lowest scr888 hand that wins.

How does the game start?

Usually the first round of the game is a forced bet and so in order to kick start the game everyone must bet and play. Then from the left usually, each player one by one can look at their cards and decide either to fold, thus taking themselves out of the game, or match the highest previous bet. If the latter occurs then this player also has the option increase the bet. The betting section of the game ends when all players have matched the bet or folded.

How can you win at poker?

If all players fold the game except one then remaining player will win all the pot and they do not have to show their hand to anyone either. If more than one player is left after others have folder each player in turn shows their hand and the winning hand wins the pot.

Some would say that the outcome of the game is purely down to luck and chance; however the more people play the game the more they say it is down to probability and psychology.

Over the years poker has grown from a cult to a massive industry worth multi-billions of pounds annually and is continuing to grow.